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GPL or Non-GPL Licenses AvailableFree General Public License
db4o is licensed under the GPL by default.

The GPL license is ideal if you plan to use db4o in house or you plan to develop and distribute your own derivative work as free software under the GPL as well.

Commercial License
A commercial license is required if you want to embed db4o in a commercial non-GPL product. Commercial licensees gain access to premium services and support.

For more guidance on the best licensing option, please download this free whitepaper about db4objects' dual licensing model.

Download db4o

Download db4o's current production version, full-featured and unrestricted!

Production Release (registration optional)
db4o 8.0 for Java
(zip, 40.9 mb)
db4o 8.0 for .NET 3.5
(msi, 23.7 mb)
db4o 8.0 for .NET 4.0
(msi, 23 mb)

Development Release (registration required)
Microsoft .NET
You need to register to download the development release of db4o. Note that this version is always a Beta release, ideal for testing new features but not yet suitable for production environments.
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