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Arum DataEye Success Story | PDF

"db4o reduced time and cost of developing Arum DataEye by approximately 30% in comparison to using a traditional RDBMS and ORM, while remaining flexible and scalable."
– Christopher Brind

RSSOwl News Reader Success Story | PDF

"Kudos to the db4o team. We were really happy to find out that open source projects can integrate with db4o without extra cost"
– Benjamin Pasero

INDRA Sistemas Success Story | PDF

"We chose db4o as the core of our Real-time Data Base. db4o's speed allows the system to process over 200,000 objects per second"
– Jose Miguel Rubio Sanchez

Seagate Success Story | PDF

"I would definitely endorse db4o's use due to its performance, both in terms of memory overhead and transactional latency; its scalability in terms of how many items you can put in the database; and its solid reliability"
– Bret Savage

BOSCH Sigpack Success Story | PDF

"Our biggest concern is shortening our commissioning time. The use of db4o on our data-backend has helped us to achieve a time-saving effect of at least 10% on each project"
– Sebastian Hubrich

Press and Analysts' Voices

"A database 'Swiss Army knife' … Our concluding suggestion is simply this: when your next Java application needs a database, pay a visit to before you begin final coding. The visit will be worth it."
– TheServerSide

Open source object database licenses, development and support

Versant sponsors the development, commercial licenses and support of db4o, the open source object database. db4o helps innovators around the globe to build their next generation of data-rich, 'smart' products.

Driven by the world's largest developer community of its kind, with 100,000 registered Java and .NET developers and counting, db4o offers the ultimate persistence solution to store objects of any complexity natively, with only one line of code. Development managers at some of the most innovative companies including Boeing, Bosch, Intel, Ricoh, and Seagate rely on db4o to bring differentiated products to market which propel them ahead of their competition.

The db4o database engine is available under two licenses: the open source, GPL license, which enables easy download, evaluation, and use in GPL compliant projects; and a commercial runtime license to embed and distribute db4o with commercial, non-GPL products.

In addition, Versant offers professional support and to its commercial customers with the exclusive dDN Enterprise package, and partners with innovators around the globe to build competitive industry solutions according to specifications.

It is Versant's mission to give developers a choice when it comes to object persistence and thus make their life a lot easier. To make db4o broadly available, Versant leverages the benefits of a world connected through the Internet to create a culture that is agile and collaborative, open and global -- unlike few other software companies.

We invite you to learn more about our company, our flagship db4o product, our customers' success - or simply invite you to download db4o for free under the GPL license and test for yourself.

Whitepapers are available for your review and are especially benefical for individuals who are new to embeddable object database technology and seek criteria for evaluating OO database products.