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BMW 5 Series - Courtesy BMW Mandala on smartphone - Courtesy Sony Integrated Control System (IRC) - Courtesy INDRA Delta XR 31 - Courtesy Bosch Sigpack

When you decide to embed db4o into your product, you'll find yourself in company with world class leaders like BMW, Boeing, Bosch, IBM, Intel, Ricoh, and Seagate.

From Fortune 500 to innovative start-ups, from premier research institutions to community projects, all db4objects customers have one thing in common - they rely on the leading open source object database to cut development costs and help them deliver new Java or .NET based products to market faster. So far, some 75,000 registered developers have build and shipped 1,000,000s of products employing db4o on a wide range of platforms.

In addition, db4objects works with a wide network of commercial and open source partners and premier education and research institutions to ensure a wide ecosystem, compatibility and ongoing innovation.

We suggest that you review our extensive Customer Success Stories or simply browse through this list of customers:

Ricoh Company, Ltd., the leading maker of digital office solutions with annual sales over $17 billion, forged a partnership with db4objects to develop Ricoh's future product development platform, which includes db4o.

"db4o provides a persistence solution for our broad range of technical challenges and for our stringent quality standards. After a long period of evaluation, we found that db4o has the flexibility to fit our cutting-edge architectures, which aim to achieve better productivity in our object-oriented software development."
                --Tetsuo Ito, Software Team Lead
Boeing P8-A Aircraft - Courtesy Boeing Boeing, one of the world's largest space and defense businesses, selected db4o for the P-8A Multi-Mission Maritime Aircraft, a long-range anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft for the U.S. Navy.

"For Boeing, db4o provides the advantages of significantly lower database administration and improved developer productivity. db4o helps Boeing to manage development costs and schedules while also reducing operational costs."
Delta XR 31 - Courtesy Bosch Sigpack BOSCH Sigpack, worldwide leader in fully automated packaging technology, relies on db4o to deliver the state-of-the-art, high-speed packaging robot Delta XR-31 faster to market.

"Our biggest concern is shortening our commissioning time. The use of db4o on the data-backend has helped us to achieve a time-saving effect of at least 10% on each project"
                --Sebastian Hubrich, XR31 Implementation Manager

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Integrated Control System (IRC) - Courtesy INDRA INDRA Sistemas, the leading Spanish IT and Defense Systems company, relies on db4o for the safety critical Integrated Control System (IRC) of the Spanish AVE High-Speed Train.

"We chose db4o as the core of the Real-time Data Base. db4o's speed allows the system to process over 200,000 objects per second"
                --Jose M. Rubio Sanchez, Director IRC

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Mirra Sync and Share Personal Server - Courtesy Seagate Seagate Technologies, the world's leading hard disc drive and consumer storage supplier, gave its Mirra Sync and Share Personal Server a boost in efficiency and performance with db4o.

"I would definitely endorse db4o's use due to its performance, both in terms of memory overhead and transactional latency; its scalability in terms of how many items you can put in the database; and its solid reliability."
                --Bret Savage, Mirra Chief Architect

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BMW 5 Series - Courtesy BMW BMW, one of the world's most successful carmakers, is also a pioneer in embedded car control electronics. Its BMW Car IT has built the first all-Java system control prototype to validate future innovation leaps facilitated by car electronics and system integration. db4o is the central persistence tool to store systems protocol and customer configuration data. Short start-up times, zero administration, and low footprint were important criteria for selecting db4o.
Merrill Lynch Merrill Lynch is one of the world's leading wealth management, capital markets and advisory companies, with offices in 38 countries and territories and total client assets of almost $2.0 trillion.

"Our order and quote management system combines an embedded object-based continuous event processor with an embedded object database [db4o][...] We have found this approach not only enables us to deliver incremental functionality faster, but also reduces our testing burden [..]. For us, the choice to use an object database has directly increased our ability to deliver business solutions in the shortest time possible"
                --Richard Ahrens (Director at Merrill Lynch)
Postbank Postbank, the leading German retail bank, was under time pressure to enhance their financial consulting application so that their sales force could be productive offline as well as online. db4o was the ideal fit.

"We needed an easy-to-use database which didn't require a long ramp up period and which allowed us to get our application rolled out as soon as possible. We evaluated and compared different solutions but nothing came close to db4o in terms of ease of implementation and performance."
                --Horst Hartberger, Technical Project Leader, Postbank AG

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Macrix Software Macrix Software, a software company based near Dusseldorf, Germany, counted on db4o to take the complexity out of the development process while allowing for simple distribution of their financial planning software.

"We tried it out and we saw that it was very easy to use and that it was fast, lightweight and reliable"
                --Marek Zuchowski, founder of Macrix

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Mandala Notebook - Courtesy Sony Mandala IT ships smartphone software with db4o into mass markets, pioneering a new class of consumer software products on a small-screen display.

"db4o was without doubt technically the best of the components we worked with."
                --Dr. Sean O'Donoghue, CEO

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LoanMaster - Courtesy Easterndata Eastern Data, one of the UK's leading suppliers of mobile computing systems, gives its mobile solutions "LoanMaster" and "Mobilise Van" a competitive boost with db4o.

"Eastern Data wanted to expand into new markets. With db4o, we now have the ability to offer greater functionality and expandability to our customers - where db4o meets the needs of size, performance, and price"
                --David Angier, CTO

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Hertz, the largest car rental company in the world, selected db4o for its Hertz #1 Gold Club data processing from handhelds upon returning rental cars in North American service locations.
IBM built a packaged in-house application to manage user IDs and passwords. It is a small yet sensible application with a small footprint, written in Java using SWT for the front-end to run cross-platform on Linux and Windows desktops.

"I am really impressed with db4o. The database is so easy to use - especially for embedded applications. db4o doesn't require any administration. It just works! And db4o's native object support makes it very easy to integrate with my Java applications"
                --Marlon Machado, Senior Enablement Architect
Intel, the world's largest silicon company, partners with db4objects to integrate its IT solutions.

"db4o will make application development much easier for our group. The OR mapper/SQL database alternative really did not allow us to do everything we needed and forced us to contort our application designs. By comparison, implementing with db4o was seamless and worked within our existing architecture."
                --Sean DeMartino, Intel software engineer and XP coach
Courtesy Riege Software International Riege Software International is one of the leading providers of multi-functional and integrated logistic systems for air and sea freight operations. Riege uses db4o in the company's Automated Export System application ( for local storage of export declarations.

"We chose db4o over a relational database because db4o offers a truly embedded solution. db4o saves us a great amount of time and money when developing our application. With its ease of use, there's no need for an O/R Mapper, and because db4o installs with our application we don't have to worry about testing with multiple different database systems."

                --Christian Sprajc, Project Manager
Die Mobilanten built a mobile service automation application for mid-sized power utilities with db4o. "Where competitors using relational databases need a laptop PC to process all assets, orders, materials and customers (greater than 300,000 objects), Die Mobilanten offers a PDA-based solution by using db4o, a solution which gave them a clear advantage over the competition. db4o was proven to use very little resources - to be fast, lean, and simple to deploy - and also to be very affordable in high volumes."
ITAnyplace Scenario ITAnyplace is an end-to-end, open source platform that extends apps to mobile devices, online or offline, in a device independent manner. It improves the productivity of mobile employees and reduces the deployment and maintenance cost of mobile apps.

"We chose db4o for our offline client because of its object oriented model and ease of use. It significantly reduced our product development time."
                --Vivek Mishra, Lead Developer
Pragmatyxs in Seattle, WA sells, integrates, and supports automated data collection and product labeling equipment and software.

Pragmatyxs selected the db4o database for its PXSmartTrack RFID-enabled fixed asset mobile application due to its small footprint, high-performance and intuitive programming interface. Coupled with the db4o Replication System (dRS), Pragmatyxs is able to offer a powerful solution that can be easily integrated with existing database infrastructures and business systems, eliminating the need for homegrown replication schemes and coding.
Electrabel, one of Europe's front-runners in the energy sector and leader on the Benelux market is using db4o in its Trading and Portfolio Management group to power a tool to do historical analysis on electricity trading information, that helps traders to optimize future trading contracts. db4o stores objects coming from other applications, and enriches them to provide easy access for analysis. db4o was chosen because of its ease of use and its performance. Without prior experience, db4o was up and running within hours.
Juvander OffRoad Juvander, an innovative company in Finland, provides advanced test management tools, including OffRoad for test execution in disconnected environments. Using OffRoad, developers can complete their test plans and analysis on the Test Management server, with actual test execution independent of physical location or network connection. Juvander selected db4o as the clear winner over other database alternatives for managing test data. OffRoad stores all test cases, parameters and results locally in db4o before uploading them to the server.

"With db4o, we can significantly reduce our development costs, improve time to market, and maintain the highest quality. Without db4o's ease of use we would be still struggling with SQL code and trying to get our product to work."
                --Ilpo Juvander, CEO
TradeWeapon is a real-time equity trading platform and technical analysis framework for developing automated trading systems, written in C#. TradeWeapon uses db4o to optimize automated trading systems built with the TradeStation trading platform. Specifically, db4o is used as a networked repository that multiple client applications can pull from and feed to, a message queuing infrastructure between the client and server tier of the application.

"I had SO much code for a relational db implementation. Using db4o was a big win - ditching all that code to object relational map and just to connect to the database. The 'native language' benefit was also great."
                --Chris Donnan, Lead Developer
Long Island Housing Services, a non-profit in New York, NY, has the mission to eliminate unlawful housing discrimination and to promote decent and affordable housing though advocacy and education. Being understaffed, LIHS was in great need of productivity enhancing software to streamline their client intake and reporting requirements to the government and other funders.

"db4o's elegance and simplicity separates it from all else. There is no preprocessing whatsoever, no annotations, no proxies, no need to inherit from a particular interface or class, and no restrictions on the type of objects or the depth of your object graph.

There is a vibrant user community that answers questions sometimes immediately and is extremely patient with newbies. The development team responds quickly to suggestions for improvements and new features."

                --James Leotta, Director
MRCSI MR Controls, based in Calgary, Canada, specializes in SCADA and Control systems for the power utility and the oil and gas industries in Canada, the United States, South America and the Middle East: "Using db4o, MR Controls overcomes many of the hurdles encountered by conventional SCADA systems. For example, MR Controls can drastically reduce SCADA system startup times to a fraction of that required by other products. In addition, MR Controls increases the productivity of its developers and enhances the flexibility of its software modules for reuse and customization, because db4o takes advantage of true object-oriented programming. db4o also provides MR Controls with the ability to provide high-performance storage and retrieval of historical, statistical, alarm and event data, providing all of these capabilities in a single, scalable package."
Novator Novator, a high-technology, engineering company that is revolutionizing the aerospace industry by implementing Orbital Drilling, used db4o to improve their drilling management software.

One of the corner stones in the advanced drilling solution is the Twinspin Manager software. With Twinspin Manager, all drilling parameters for each hole are set, holes are defined in drilling batches, and the drilling process is monitored and logged.

"A steadily increasing demand for data logging, combined with ever increasing data processing demands, made a file system log approach less than ideal. A database solution was needed. The primary reason for choosing db4o was implementation speed.

Since db4o uses native Java, it worked without changing anything in the domain model, and without writing any database mappings. The switch from file system logging to database logging took, literally, thirty minutes. Also, native Java queries enables the use of standard refactorings, such as renames of fields and classes, without breaking the queries, or having to rewrite mappings, making the code base clean and easy to understand and maintain."

                --Patrik Rydberg, software architect
Retcam II - Courtesy Clarity Medical Clarity Medical in Pleasanton, California, relies on db4o to improve the eye health for babies with its acclaimed Retcam II Wide-Field Pediatric Retinal Imaging medical device.

"Because the data is being precisely recorded and stored we've been able to find tumors that we would have missed with the traditional method"
                --Elise Leon, M.D. at The Hospital for Sick Children

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The scientists at Universitat de Lleida in Spain chose db4o for their application to manage archaeological data. In this system entities related to the archaeological records - archaeological documentation - are modeled as objects accessible by Swing interfaces.

"I'm working with Java and I think db4o is perfect as the persistence solution for our project. I am particularly impressed with the ease of installing and configuring the database. With db4o, I can avoid the pain and agony of SQL statements. Compared to relational databases, db4o offers a level of simplicity that is simply indescribable.
I plan to use db4o for all of my development! "

                --Enric Tartera Bieto, archaeologist
The VOICE100 SIFT-MS - Courtesy Syft Technologies Syft Technologies, an innovative company in New Zealand, develops real-time high-throughput high-sensitivity VOC analysis systems based on Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS) with db4o.

"One of the greatest advantages of db4o is that it works with plain old Java objects (POJOs). I can avoid the large infrastructure costs of relational databases such as schema design. And db4o offers not only the advantage of a small system memory footprint, but also the advantage of a small 'developer memory' footprint. The API is elegantly simple with a very short learning curve."
                --Gordon Milne, Software Development Manager
Download PDF RSSOwl, is a full featured open source RSS/RDF/Atom news reader. By using db4o the RSSOwl team was able to not only minimize resource consumption for the application but also provide an extensible architecture for add-ons.

"We really didn't want to 'pollute' our code with SQL statements. We have an object-oriented programming background, so being able to use this knowledge with a database is just perfect for us. It was one of the main reasons for favoring db4o against others; none of which satisfied our needs and goals for an embedded database."
                --Benjamin Pasero, Head of Development, RSSOwl
Download PDF Arum Systems, Arum Systems, an IT consultancy located in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, enables banks, debt buyers, debt collectors and utility companies all over Europe to tune their business systems and to make their operations more efficient. After a series of performance tests the Arum software developers determined that db4o not only matched their requirements – it outperformed MySQL/Hibernate for every operation, even data warehousing.

"db4o reduced time and cost of developing Arum DataEye by approximately 30% in comparison to using a traditional RDBMS and ORM, while remaining flexible and scalable."
                --Chris Brind, Software Architect, Arum Systems Ltd.

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