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Press Release 11/14/2005

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db4objects First to Implement Native Queries

Bosch Among Rapid Adopters of Open Source Object Database for Java and .NET, Now with NQ for Increased Productivity

SAN MATEO, Calif., Nov. 14, 2005 - db4objects, creators of the leading open source object database, today announced availability of db4o Version 5.0 for Java and .NET, introducing "Native Queries," which express database queries in native semantics of the programming language. This eliminates the need for developers to learn additional non-mainstream APIs such as JDO, OQL, or SODA and initiates a new level of productivity for writing truly object-oriented software applications.

Native Queries (NQ) reflect the current industry trend to construct data access as a native part of the object-oriented application, rather than using string-based, non-native access. Thus they put an end to the 15-year-long debate about which additional query language to use in creating an OO query API. NQs simply use the existing, widely adopted standard - the programming language itself - to access the database.

As the first player to endorse this simple yet groundbreaking concept, db4objects underlines its leadership in providing the most native, object-oriented persistence solution on the market.

The integration of a native database into Java and .NET using NQ arrives amidst rapid user adoption of the db4o product for a variety of embedded uses including mobile applications, medical devices, and real-time control systems. With more than 250,000 downloads and nearly 10,000 registered users in just one year since its open source launch, db4o has achieved one of the most successful product introductions of any object database in history.

Companies like BMW, Bosch, and Hertz, as well as numerous startups around the globe, are now using db4o to slash development cost and time, and build more feature-rich, customizable and performant products.

db4o was also selected by Boeing to supply the embedded database in the new P-8A Multi-Mission Maritime Aircraft, a long-range anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft for the U.S. Navy.

Bosch Brings Packaging Robots Faster to Market with db4o

Bosch, the world market leader in fully automated packaging technology, uses db4o embedded in its new high-speed "pick-and-place" robotic system Delta XR31, which defines state-of-the-art for packaging everything from food products to consumer electronics.

"Our biggest concern is shortening our commissioning time," says Sebastian Hubrich, the XR31 implementation manager at Bosch Sigpack. "The use of db4o on the data-backend has helped us to achieve a time-saving effect of at least 10% on each project. At first sight I was impressed with how easy things can be."

NQs Eliminate Need for New Standards

Native Queries are based on Safe Queries as proposed by Prof. William Cook at the 27th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) in May of 2005. The concept of compliance with existing standards eliminates the need for new standards such as ODMG's OQL and Java's JDO1, which have been disbanded and/or failed to see mass adoption. NQs thus remove a major roadblock for mainstream adoption of object-oriented persistence solutions (object databases, object-relational mappers) - similar to what SQL did for relational databases.

"With Version 5, db4objects is pushing the seamless object-oriented development experience even further," says Stephen O'Grady, senior analyst at Redmonk. "When developers are not required to transition out of an object oriented environment and the language of their choice, they're likely to be far more productive. Consequently, several vendors - including Microsoft with its LINQ project - are seeking to break down the barriers between non-native APIs and the programming language on top of it, by allowing querying in native language - an approach that could become popular to access databases from OO programming environments."

db4o Version 5's Native Queries express database queries in native semantics of the programming language, e.g., in Java, C#, or VB.NET. This makes development significantly more productive than using incumbent string-based APIs (such as SQL, JDO, OQL), because developers have 100% typesafe, 100% refactorable, and 100% object-oriented access to their data layer.

"Our new version of db4o is optimized for developer productivity and compatibility with existing platforms," says Christof Wittig, CEO of db4objects, Inc. "After companies have chosen object-oriented platforms like Java and .NET, the next logical step is to introduce an object-oriented persistence solution, especially when it comes to embedded use in distributed, zero-administration environments where relational database technology falls short. db4o is fully compatible with - and the only OO database native to - Java and .NET."

About db4objects, Inc
db4objects, Inc ( provides db4o, the only native object database for both Java and .NET, available under open source and commercial licenses. With more than 250,000 downloads and many more deployments, db4o is used by some of the world's most innovative companies, including Boeing, BMW, Bosch, and Hertz. db4objects is a privately held company based in San Mateo, California, and backed by noted Silicon Valley investors including Mark Leslie, founding CEO of Veritas.

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