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Product Information :: XtremeConnect

XtremeConnect allows developers to directly connect with a db4o expert for a remote pairing session that enables joint design reviews, debugging, system integration support, or performance optimization.

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How It Works

From the db4objects Customer Portal or from within ObjectManager Enterprise the developer can schedule and request a pairing session with just a few clicks.

XtremeConnect allows to specify the nature of the request, select the preferred expertise level, attach technical information, share preferences for timing and language, and disclose the access information for virtual pairing via voice (regular phone or Skype) and desktop sharing (Windows Remote Assistance, Windows Remote Desktop, or free, open source VNC).

Within 24 hours a db4objects dispatcher will assign an appropriate expert peer and propose a pairing time, allowing the developer to connect directly with their peer for direct interaction regarding that session.

During the actual session, desktop sharing ensures optimum productivity as both parties share the original development and system environment while working on the live code and communicating by voice. After closing a session, hourly credits are applied for the session's preparation, logistics, the actual pairing session, and eventual follow up work. Subsequent sessions will be scheduled with a separate session request.

Every dDN Enterprise subscription preloads XtremeConnect with 15 hours of core engineer time (level 3 support). Upon expiration of credits, additional sessions can be acquired.

For more information about XtremeConnect pricing, available hours for level 1 and 2 support and/or the cost of additional credits please submit a purchase inquiry or contact your Account Manager directly.

XtremeConnect - A Unique Offer

db4objects has pioneered the convergence of Extreme Programming and Open Source development processes by creating a unique virtual pair programming technique that works with geographically disparate teams. XtremeConnect makes this process innovation available to customers and their specific projects, providing for an efficient, lean, and highly specialized support offer unlike any other.

XtremeConnect is designed to meet the growing demand of companies with cutting edge Java and .NET projects which want to leverage db4o's popular open source database to provide competitive new features and services while mitigating the technology risks through investment in expert support.