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Licensing information:

The db4o engine is free when licensed under the General Public License (GPL).

A commercial license is required if you want to embed db4o in a commercial product and/or receive professional support.

For guidance on licensing, please download this free whitepaper about db4objects' dual licensing model.

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Commercial Packages and Prices

Versant offers the following commercial packages:

  • Licensing - for commercial use with steep discounts for large unit counts
  • Support - recommended for commercial users, comes in two levels:
  • Professional Services - consulting on db4o applications, implementations of custom features, etc. To support these services we provide:
    • XtremeConnect - allows developers to directly connect with a db4o expert for a remote pairing session.

Read more about these packages and basic pricing information - or simply contact us to get your personal, free quote now!

dDN - Standard Support and Maintenance

db4o Developer Network (dDN)

The dDN membership is the standard support package and includes:

  • Personalized, private and tracked 24/7 case support through our exclusive dDN Customer Portal (screenshot) with a guaranteed response time of 24 hours or less
  • A lock-in of any negotiated rates and conditions for all future purchase of db4o licenses, that facilitates budgeting and planning
  • Free updates and upgrades for all previously purchased or distributed db4o licenses

dDN memberships are charged per named developer per year.

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(US$ 1,200)

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dDN Enterprise - The Total Package for Commercial Developers

dDN Enterprise is a bundle of everything you need to successfully bring innovative products with db4o to market - fast!

Priced with an annual flat fee, it makes your commercial engagement with Versant as easy as deploying db4o into your products.

db4o Developer Network (dDN) Enterprise

The dDN Enterprise subscription is the professional support package for commercial product developers and includes:

  • Unlimited engineering support (including free updates, upgrades, e-mail and web based support, stable releases) and all the features found in a standard dDN support package.
  • Live pairing access to Versant's expert db4o core engineering team with 15 hourly credits/year for live pairing sessions through the XtremeConnect program
  • Exclusive access to "Stable" releases (7.x onwards)
  • Customized features - options may include db4o Runtime Licenses (dRT), free db4o Runtime Licenses for trial versions

To request information on Commercial Packaging Options contact your Account Manager.

Download dDN Enterprise Product Information (PDF) here!

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dRT - Commercial db4o Runtime Licenses

The db4o product is licensed for redistribution by providing competitive pricing for commercial db4o Runtime Licenses. Conceptually, there are 3 types of deployments: client/server, in-process, micro. Those generally correspond with increasing volumes of runtimes. The unit prices are subject to steep discounts when ordered in increasing volumes from 100's of dollars to pennies and negotiable if list prices compute to db4o runtimes costing more than 3-5% of your product's final retail list price.

db4o Runtime License

The current version of the db4o database engine software for all Java and .NET platforms.

db4o on a single dual core CPU with all functions except the dRS (replication service). db4o is licensed for an unlimited number of user or process connections.

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db4o Replication System (dRS) is an optional add-on to the above licenses for all Java and .NET platforms. dRS provides the ability to synchronize data between db4o databases as well as between db4o and relational database systems with all functions as specified, excluding the license for Hibernate.

Each one of your products or CPUs running db4o requires a separate db4o license.

Each one of the above can be licensed with a db4o Runtime License (dRT) for redistribution outside your organization or with a db4o End User License Agreement (dEL) for in-house use. dRT and dEL licenses carry the same fee.

Software update and upgrade licenses are provided through dDN memberships.

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