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The Database Behind the Brains | 2nd, Updated Edition

Noted author Rick Grehan describes the case for a database library that is small, fast, powerful, and easy to use. Supported by code examples he visualizes how the relational and the object-oriented approach differ in Java and how db4o's native Java database engine makes life significantly easier for software developers.

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Complex Object Structures, Persistence, and db4o

In this whitepaper, Rick Grehan explores the issue of complexity in object-oriented programming and how persistence solutions cope with it. He distinguishes flat, complex, and dynamic object models.

Grehan discovers that "db4o lets you work with object structures almost as though they were 'in-memory' structures. Little additional coding is required to manage object persistence." He also proves that "as the persistence requirements become more complex, db4o's unique design takes care of the added complexity, so you can continue to work as though that complexity were never introduced."

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db4objects and the Dual Licensing Model

In this whitepaper, Heather Meeker, attorney at Greenberg Traurig, explains the factors you should consider when deciding what licensing option to choose for a product offered under a dual licensing model.

The dual licensing model is fast becoming one of the most popular business models for software companies leveraging the power of both open- and closed-source software development. It is important for users of software to understand how to leverage this model, without jeopardizing their intellectual property rights or risking the negative publicity that results from violating open source licenses.

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Enabling the Mobile Enterprise with db4o

Emerging new business models and enterprise organizations break the boundaries of classic, networked computing. These trends require new levels of sophistication for distributed application architectures and the mobilization of supporting data.

In this whitepaper, Eric Falsken discusses mobile enterprise solutions in more detail. He looks at a specific use-case that describes the challenges of implementing applications in these environments and that highlights the specific benefits from using db4o's mobile database for Java and .NET.

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Native Queries for Persistent Objects

In this design white paper, William Cook and Carl Rosenberger introduce Native Queries, a concise and type-safe way to express queries directly as Java and C# methods. They describe the design of Native Queries and provide an overview of implementation and optimization issues. The paper also includes a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the current design of Native Queries. Native Queries are implemented in db4o Version 5.0 or higher.

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Agile Techniques for Object Databases

Scott Ambler, agile development guru, discusses five agile techniques and contrasts their application with the use of relational (RDBMS) and object database (ODBMS) technology. He finds that the use of RDBMS technology complicates the adoption of these techniques while ODBMS technology makes it easier to be agile, especially when using non-intrusive technology such as db4o.

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