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Makers of software-enabled devices and equipment use db4o for data-driven configuration and leverage of User Generated Data (UGD).

  • Maintainable data-driven device customization
  • User Generated Data (UGD) enhances user experience
  • Robust ACID-safe data management avoids file corruption

Examples and success stories:

Delta XR 31 - Courtesy Bosch Sigpack BOSCH Sigpack, worldwide leader in fully automated packaging technology, relies on db4o to deliver the state-of-the-art, high-speed packaging robot Delta XR-31 faster to market.

"Our biggest concern is shortening our commissioning time. The use of db4o on the data-backend has helped us to achieve a time-saving effect of at least 10% on each project"
                --Sebastian Hubrich, XR31 Implementation Manager

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Mirra Sync and Share Personal Server - Courtesy Seagate Seagate Technologies, the world's leading hard disc drive and consumer storage supplier, gave its Mirra Sync and Share Personal Server a boost in efficiency and performance with db4o.

"I would definitely endorse db4o's use due to its performance, both in terms of memory overhead and transactional latency; its scalability in terms of how many items you can put in the database; and its solid reliability."
                --Bret Savage, Mirra Chief Architect

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Retcam II - Courtesy Clarity Medical Clarity Medical in Pleasanton, California, relies on db4o to improve the eye health for babies with its acclaimed Retcam II Wide-Field Pediatric Retinal Imaging medical device.

"Because the data is being precisely recorded and stored we've been able to find tumors that we would have missed with the traditional method"
                --Elise Leon, M.D. at The Hospital for Sick Children

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Courtesy Ricoh Ricoh Company, Ltd., the leading maker of digital office solutions with annual sales over $17 billion, forged a partnership with db4objects to develop Ricoh's future product development platform, which includes db4o.

"db4o provides a persistence solution for our broad range of technical challenges and for our stringent quality standards. After a long period of evaluation, we found that db4o has the flexibility to fit our cutting-edge architectures, which aim to achieve better productivity in our object-oriented software development."
                --Tetsuo Ito, Software Team Lead
Boeing P8-A Aircraft - Courtesy Boeing Boeing, one of the world's largest space and defense businesses, selected db4o for the P-8A Multi-Mission Maritime Aircraft, a long-range anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft for the U.S. Navy.

"For Boeing, db4o provides the advantages of significantly lower database administration and improved developer productivity. db4o helps Boeing to manage development costs and schedules while also reducing operational costs."
Novator Novator, a high-technology, engineering company that is revolutionizing the aerospace industry by implementing Orbital Drilling, used db4o to improve their drilling management software.

One of the corner stones in the advanced drilling solution is the Twinspin Manager software. With Twinspin Manager, all drilling parameters for each hole are set, holes are defined in drilling batches, and the drilling process is monitored and logged.

"A steadily increasing demand for data logging, combined with ever increasing data processing demands, made a file system log approach less than ideal. A database solution was needed. The primary reason for choosing db4o was implementation speed.

Since db4o uses native Java, it worked without changing anything in the domain model, and without writing any database mappings. The switch from file system logging to database logging took, literally, thirty minutes. Also, native Java queries enables the use of standard refactorings, such as renames of fields and classes, without breaking the queries, or having to rewrite mappings, making the code base clean and easy to understand and maintain."

                --Patrik Rydberg, software architect
The VOICE100 SIFT-MS - Courtesy Syft Technologies Syft Technologies, an innovative company in New Zealand, develops real-time high-throughput high-sensitivity VOC analysis systems based on Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS) with db4o.
"One of the greatest advantages of db4o is that it works with plain old Java objects (POJOs). I can avoid the large infrastructure costs of relational databases such as schema design. And db4o offers not only the advantage of a small system memory footprint, but also the advantage of a small 'developer memory' footprint. The API is elegantly simple with a very short learning curve." Gordon Milne, Software Development Manager