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Mobile Enterprises – Carriers & Database

Enterprises mobilize their workforce and give them the data they need onto their mobile handsets or laptops.

  • Ensures productivity and uptime through offline caching
  • Allows for smart replication of business objects
  • Faster time to market and ease of adaptation over life cycle

Examples and success stories:


Postbank, the leading German retail bank, was under time pressure to enhance their financial consulting application so that their sales force could be productive offline as well as online. db4o was the ideal fit.

"We needed an easy-to-use database which didn't require a long ramp up period and which allowed us to get our application rolled out as soon as possible. We evaluated and compared different solutions but nothing came close to db4o in terms of ease of implementation and performance." Horst Hartberger, Technical Project Leader, Postbank AG

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LoanMaster - Courtesy Easterndata Eastern Data, one of the UK's leading suppliers of mobile computing systems, gives its mobile solutions "LoanMaster" and "Mobilise Van" a competitive boost with db4o.
"Eastern Data wanted to expand into new markets. With db4o, we now have the ability to offer greater functionality and expandability to our customers - where db4o meets the needs of size, performance, and price" David Angier, CTO

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Hertz, the largest car rental company in the world, selected db4o for its Hertz #1 Gold Club data processing from handhelds upon returning rental cars in North American service locations.


IBM built a packaged in-house application to manage user IDs and passwords. It is a small yet sensible application with a small footprint, written in Java using SWT for the front-end to run cross-platform on Linux and Windows desktops.

"I am really impressed with db4o. The database is so easy to use - especially for embedded applications. db4o doesn't require any administration. It just works! And db4o's native object support makes it very easy to integrate with my Java applications" Marlon Machado, Senior Enablement Architect

Intel, the world's largest silicon company, partners with db4objects to integrate its IT solutions.

"db4o will make application development much easier for our group. The OR mapper/SQL database alternative really did not allow us to do everything we needed and forced us to contort our application designs. By comparison, implementing with db4o was seamless and worked within our existing architecture." Sean DeMartino, Intel software engineer and XP coach
Courtesy Riege Software International

Riege Software International is one of the leading providers of multi-functional and integrated logistic systems for air and sea freight operations. Riege uses db4o in the company's Automated Export System application ( for local storage of export declarations.

"We chose db4o over a relational database because db4o offers a truly embedded solution. db4o saves us a great amount of time and money when developing our application. With its ease of use, there's no need for an O/R Mapper, and because db4o installs with our application we don't have to worry about testing with multiple different database systems." Christian Sprajc, Project Manager

Die Mobilanten built a mobile service automation application for mid-sized power utilities with db4o. "Where competitors using relational databases need a laptop PC to process all assets, orders, materials and customers (greater than 300,000 objects), Die Mobilanten offers a PDA-based solution by using db4o, a solution which gave them a clear advantage over the competition. db4o was proven to use very little resources - to be fast, lean, and simple to deploy - and also to be very affordable in high volumes."

ITAnyplace Scenario

ITAnyplace is an end-to-end, open source platform that extends apps to mobile devices, online or offline, in a device independent manner. It improves the productivity of mobile employees and reduces the deployment and maintenance cost of mobile apps.

"We chose db4o for our offline client because of its object oriented model and ease of use. It significantly reduced our product development time." Vivek Mishra, Lead Developer

Pragmatyxs in Seattle, WA sells, integrates, and supports automated data collection and product labeling equipment and software.

Pragmatyxs selected the db4o database for its PXSmartTrack RFID-enabled fixed asset mobile application due to its small footprint, high-performance and intuitive programming interface. Coupled with the db4o Replication System (dRS), Pragmatyxs is able to offer a powerful solution that can be easily integrated with existing database infrastructures and business systems, eliminating the need for homegrown replication schemes and coding.

Juvander OffRoad

Juvander, an innovative company in Finland, provides advanced test management tools, including OffRoad for test execution in disconnected environments. Using OffRoad, developers can complete their test plans and analysis on the Test Management server, with actual test execution independent of physical location or network connection. Juvander selected db4o as the clear winner over other database alternatives for managing test data. OffRoad stores all test cases, parameters and results locally in db4o before uploading them to the server.

"With db4o, we can significantly reduce our development costs, improve time to market, and maintain the highest quality. Without db4o's ease of use we would be still struggling with SQL code and trying to get our product to work." Ilpo Juvander, CEO

TradeWeapon is a real-time equity trading platform and technical analysis framework for developing automated trading systems, written in C#. TradeWeapon uses db4o to optimize automated trading systems built with the TradeStation trading platform. Specifically, db4o is used as a networked repository that multiple client applications can pull from and feed to, a message queuing infrastructure between the client and server tier of the application.

"I had SO much code for a relational db implementation. Using db4o was a big win - ditching all that code to object relational map and just to connect to the database. The 'native language' benefit was also great." Chris Donnan, Lead Developer