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Industry Solutions :: Network Control Systems

Makers of network and transportation SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) systems use db4o to cache realtime data at data acquisiton points and in all layers of the network.

  • Cache up to 200,000 objects per second
  • Consolidate heterogeneous subsystems with Java or .NET
  • Store complex time series to track, simulate and replay events

Leverage a fast, transparent and flexible object persistence engine in your Complex Event Processing (CEP) system.

Examples and success stories:

Integrated Control System (IRC) - Courtesy INDRA INDRA Sistemas, the leading Spanish IT and Defense Systems company, relies on db4o for the safety critical Integrated Control System (IRC) of the Spanish AVE High-Speed Train.

"We chose db4o as the core of the Real-time Data Base. db4o's speed allows the system to process over 200,000 objects per second"
                --Jose M. Rubio Sanchez, Director IRC

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MRCSI MR Controls, based in Calgary, Canada, specializes in SCADA and Control systems for the power utility and the oil and gas industries in Canada, the United States, South America and the Middle East:

"Using db4o, MR Controls overcomes many of the hurdles encountered by conventional SCADA systems. For example, MR Controls can drastically reduce SCADA system startup times to a fraction of that required by other products. In addition, MR Controls increases the productivity of its developers and enhances the flexibility of its software modules for reuse and customization, because db4o takes advantage of true object-oriented programming. db4o also provides MR Controls with the ability to provide high-performance storage and retrieval of historical, statistical, alarm and event data, providing all of these capabilities in a single, scalable package."