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LoanMaster - Courtesy Easterndata

Case study : Easterndata

Field-force enterprise solution with
db4o Compact Framework database

"Eastern Data wanted to expand into new markets. With db4o, we now have the ability to offer greater functionality and expandability to our customers - where db4o meets the needs of size, performance, and price"
        --David Angier, CTO

db4o Compact Framework Database

  • Native to Compact Framework 2 and 3.5
  • 100% object-oriented, no object-relational mapping
  • Only 1MB footprint
  • Superior performance and low resource consumption
  • Unique support for LINQ on CF 3.5

Use Native Compact Framework Database Technology...
While Your Competitors Still Struggle With Flat Files or SQL.

Embed db4o, the super-light Compact Framework object database engine, into your mobile and embedded application and store any object structure with only one line of code - no more mapping required!

Powerful and lean at the same time, you can now build more data- and feature-rich applications, that propel you far ahead of competition and that make your users and customers cheer.

Enjoy superior performance, zero-administration, transaction safety, encryption, automatic deployment, cross-platform deployability, shared memory processing, and much more. Out of the box.

Download and test drive the world's most popular object database! It's free and open source under the GPL, no registration is required!

        "db4o's mobile database gave us a clear advantage over the competition. It was proven to use very little resources - to be fast, lean, and simple to deploy - and also to be very affordable in high volumes."
                --Christian Herold, CEO Mobilanten

        "The database has been nothing short of amazing. Just the ability to modify the structure and it automatically updates the versions is worth its weight in gold."
                --Victor Boba, CEO BOCA Software

        "db4o, a great, open source, OODB that can beat SQL Server anytime when it comes to persisting native objects. No mapping, no nothing, store your object model, not a flat, relational model."
                --ThomasJ, Blogger