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db4o Embedded Database

  • Native to Java and .NET
  • Only 600K footprint
  • Seamless as serialization, but never breaks

Use Object-Oriented Embedded Database Technology...
While Your Competitors Still Struggle With Flat Files or SQL.

Embed db4o, the super-light embedded database (EDB) engine, into your mobile or device software application and store any object structure with only one line of code - no more mapping required!

Powerful and lean at the same time, you can now build more data- and feature-rich applications, that propel you far ahead of competition and that make your users and customers cheer.

Enjoy superior performance, zero-administration, transaction safety, encryption, automatic deployment, cross-platform deployability, shared memory processing, and much more. Out of the box.

Download and test drive the world's most popular object database! It's free and open source under the GPL, no registration is required!

"Our biggest concern is shortening our commissioning time. The use of db4o on the data-backend has helped us to achieve a time-saving effect of at least 10% on each project"
                --Sebastian Hubrich, BOSCH Sigpack

        "For Boeing, db4o provides the advantages of significantly lower database administration and improved developer productivity. db4o helps Boeing to manage development costs and schedules while also reducing operational costs."

        "I'm very pleased! Db4o is truly powerful and *insanely* easy to use"
                --Zambizzi, User