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db4o - LINQ Database

  • LINQ and Native .NET queries
  • 600K footprint
  • Easiest database you have ever used
  • Object persistence out-of-the-box

Unleash the power of LINQ persistence with db4o

db4o supports .NET 3.5 with a uniquely-optimized LINQ interface for its object database. As a .NET standard-of-practice, the LINQ interface for db4o removes risk and leaves net benefit for those using the innovative db4o product.

Enabling Linq with db4o is as simple as:

  • Referencing Db4objects.Db4o.Linq.dll in your project
  • Importing the Db4objects.Db4o.Linq namespace

After what any IObjectContainer reference can be used as the target of Linq queries:

var result = from object o in container
             where o.ToString().StartsWith("Test")
             select o;

For some background information about LINQ (“Language Integrated Queries”), see or Charlie Calvert's links to LINQ

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And if you're interested in LINQ for Java:

Download and test drive the world's most popular object database! It's free and open source under the GPL, no registration is required!

"LINQ for db4o is extremely easy to use and very powerful. The learning curve is very low. [..] If you are trying to compare it with the RDBMS that you now use then you definitely have to take db4o into consideration..."
                — Edwin Vermeer, Senior Web Developer, Mirabeau B.V.

"LINQ for Java should look a lot more like db4o than Quaere. An independent project to do something like db4o's native queries would be nice. Maybe sit on top of JPA for ORM, or something like that."
                — Tom Palmer,